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From Las Vegas To The Promised Land | One Mans Journey

Tony Gambone gives a no-nonsense look at life spent on the edge. From the tough Philly streets of his youth to the casinos of Vegas and Mississippi: Tony has seen it all.

Tonys raw accounts and honest reflections are so compelling it is hard to read and hard to stop reading!! Between his lines of work, his private life and his deteriorating disease the toughness he needs to survive starts to crumble. Like all of us, Tony gets caught in a tightly spun web of his own making.

How does a man end up like this? It would take a miracle… but Tony doesn’t believe in miracles. Or does he?

How do we overcome death and destruction?

What does it take to reach our destiny?

Tony offers himself as a living testament as he reveals his journey to become a real man.  



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Oh My Goodness. I LOVED this book! A must read for anyone who thinks their life is not worthy or can never change.

~Judith Richey

The Gambone's - 1965

Lady Luck Casino

Casino Floor

Tony & Wendy Gambone

Tony & Pastor Mike - Baptism

The Story Behind The Story

One Man's Journey

Faced with a potentially life-ending surgery, Tony Gambone had a choice to make. Die from the surgery or from his disease.  Either way, it was a gamble. When he woke up alive on May 25th, Tony knew his life was saved for a specific purpose which led to this book, From Las Vegas to the Promised land.

Page after page read how Tony faced challenges and tackled life through the most destructive way, until he was faced with the challenge of the a lifetime. Read this compelling book to see how despite all odds, Tony is alive and has a story you don’t want to miss!

The Reviews

Read what Others are Saying!

The first time I read Tony’s story I could hardly believe what I was reading. I knew Tony had a history in the casino business, so I expected that his past was pretty rough, I would’ve never imagined he had lived the life he tells us about in his youth in Philadelphia.  The Tony I know is not the Tony in the first half of this book; he is a living testament to 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation”.  Tony is not a better man because of Jesus, he is a new man, and this is his story.

—Molly Robinson

From Las Vegas To The Promise Land is a lot more than a story of one man finding his way and overcoming obstacles. It is a compelling and inspiring account of true courage and faith. Tony writes his account in a compelling and capturing format that invites you into his life and hits you on many emotional levels – At times fun and at times frustrating and scary… This is a must read for anyone faced with any type of adversity.

—Mike Calderwood

This book is a great read!  I read it from cover to cover in just one sitting. 

It is a true “rags to riches” story about a man that thought he had it all at times, but realized that earthly wealth has no comparison to eternal riches.  And it is also about how counter-intuitive God’s wisdom is to worldly ideas and common sense.

Tony’s account of his journey lays bare his thought processes and the pain of failed relationships.  Ironically, relationships are what ends up saving his life and his soul.

—Mike Hammond

Meet tough, gritty, Tony Gambone.  As real of a street tough Italian as they come.  Follow his journey from the mean streets of Philly to the arms of his forever love.  Learn how his transformation has brought him to a place of peace, contentment and service to others.  A must read for anyone who thinks their life is not worthy or can never change.

—Judth Richey

About the Author

Author|Speaker|Radio Host

Tony Gambone is the founder and creator of Tough Talk Radio Network. He spent a significant number of his adult years working the casino business in Las Vegas, Nevada along with Louisiana, Mississippi, and other states where gambling is legal. To save his life and his marriage, Tony moved to Katy, Texas in 1998 where he became an entrepreneur by starting his own remodeling business.

After owning a successful remodeling company for several years, in 2008 Tony’s health required that he take another look at his career plans. He left the hard, physical work of the construction business to become a “tough talking” business person. He and his wife Wendy began speaking about and selling professional services. Explaining to others how to follow his lead, Tony became involved in the networking industry in the greater Houston/Katy area. His tough style and generous spirit quickly garnered recognition in competitive arena.

To further promote his business and the people he met in the networking world, Tony saw an opportunity for expansion in the world of Internet radio. His “tough talking” style draws from his guests their origins, motivations, goals, and differentiators. He found that marketing his guests this way allows him to build their knowledge, personality and trust, separating them from their competition.

From hosting his own radio show, Tough Talk with Tony Gambone, being the “tough talking” generous person that he is, Tony Gambone formed the Tough Talk Radio Network, a company that provides similar opportunities for other entrepreneurs to grow their business by hosting their own Internet Radio Show. Tony teaches them to become a “Thought Leader” in their industry and provides everything a Radio Host needs to market and promote their shows. Learn more about Tony at




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